VouMove has been developed with a strong focus on providing software that is accurate, reliable and technically advanced while offering a user experience that is fast and efficient.

Unlike other products on the market, VouMove ensures that a coach’s focus can remain on his athletes and not on the software being used.


Using VouMove as a coach, athlete, organisation or researcher provides a range of different benefits that add up to a complete physical performance technology solution.

VouMove provides more data, with more detail for better decisions. Just some of the benefits of using VouMove are listed below.


VouMove will be predominately used in a gym environment for dedicated strength training sessions for athletes on their own, in a group or with a team. The product offers a wide range of functionality without the need for any attachments to the athlete or exercise equipment.

Listed below are examples of VouMove’s primary applications.
  • Quick, user friendly interface.
  • Quickly create profiles of athletes and groups of athletes.
  • Easily search history of previous sessions.
  • Immediate data generated and displayed on screen.
  • Data provided in text, charts, graphs and tables.
  • Live video recording and playback.
  • Measures power, force and velocity of movement.
  • Tracks angles formed during movement in order to monitor technique.
  • One set up per session for multiple athletes and multiple exercises.
  • Provides tangible measurement of key physical performance attributes.
  • Helps track effectiveness of training programmes.
  • Provides detailed results and feedback.
  • Allows for a more comprehensive strength training process.
  • Aids in injury rehabilitation and prevention.
  • Enables users to provide a more valuable service.
  • Quickly and easily measure power and velocity generated by athlete during barbell squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press.
  • Measure for each rep, set, session or date.
  • Determine maximum power capable by an athlete for each exercise.
  • Test all athletes in a team for power and strength and track progress over time.
  • Ensure correct form and technique during movements by monitoring angles formed by hips, knees, elbows etc.
  • Determine the effectiveness of training programmes and level of improvement in athletes and teams.
  • Plus many more...